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Bruce Hansen is a down-to-earth, caring and fun-loving person who is very detail oriented. Bruce started off his work experience right here in the Pacific Northwest with nearly 30 years working in commercial and residential repairs, maintenance, construction, landscaping, erosion control, and drainage. His combined experience in associated fields gives him the big-picture knowledge to see problems most people don’t notice, whether it be a tree species that is prone to disease or insects, needs more sun or shade than its location will provide, or has an aggressive root structure and is planted too close to the house.

Landscaping and drainage issues are common in our area and Bruce is an expert in identifying existing and potential water-related problems.  Knowledge of problematic building practices that cause excessive maintenance or high maintenance type situations have been a common focus of his career.

Bruce has a degree in Industrial Design, is educated, licensed [#2278] and bonded in Home Inspections, and uses his training and work experience to provide a very well-rounded inspection and report. Whether it be a commercial building or storefront, mobile home, town home, condominium, stick-built home, luxurious mansion, or off the grid tiny home, Bruce makes his inspections fun and informative. Follow him around the property for a play-by-play of the inspection if you like, or stay comfortable and wait until the end for his specified summary of the property.

Bruce prides himself on being paperless, from the initial appointment email and pre-inspection agreement, to electronic payment and inspection report.  The inspection report can be printed as a PDF for those who prefer to hold it in their hands and turn the pages.

Give Bruce a call today for a free quote over the phone, or send him a detailed email, if you prefer.​​


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